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Luke Owen, owner and principal trainer of the NPDES Stormwater Training Institute, lead the development of the MS4 CECI course and invited numerous federal, state, local government officials and consultants to review and edit the class modules.  As a result, we believe the MS4 CECI course is by far the most effective course offered in the United States.  The course will thoroughly answer questions about the NPDES program and how the various permits (construction & multi-sector (Industrial) general permit programs) work together to protect our nations watersheds.  The course will also answer specific questions and provide guidance on how to perform MS4 outfall, IDDE investigations, industrial facility inspections, and outfall monitoring duties. 

T. Luke Owen started the NPDES Stormwater Training Institute in 2005 for the primary purpose of providing state and federal NPDES training for construction sites in the state of Georgia.  Erosion prevention and sediment control training & consulting has been a primary focus, as well as MS4 Phase I & II Operator, and multi-sector (Industrial) stormwater training and consulting.  Our training includes introduction of old and new customized Best Management Practice (BMP) installation and maintenance training for urban stormwater management and landscape personnel. The need to understand the rules that govern stormwater discharges in America has never been more important. No American wants to pollute the river when it rains, but how an individual goes about performing their NPDES responsibilities to protect the river downstream can get them in real trouble if they don't know the rules.  Our training staff has well over 100 years of combined experience serving the municipal, construction & industrial stormwater communities. Our approach to training is refreshing, informative, thought provoking, and truly exceptional! Whether it's simply understanding the basics concepts and definitions behind the NPDES program, performing an effective site inspection, understanding how to properly design, install and maintain a BMP, properly identifying an outfall during the initial inventory, conducting a dry weather screening, or properly submitting the MS4 annual report so that it gets approved the first time by your NDPES permitting authority. 

Our concern for the environment is matched by our respect and appreciation for the professionals we train. This combination of loyalties is our promise to you that you will receive the most valuable storm water compliance and enforcement training & consulting services offered anywhere in the United States.

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