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Ms4 Reporting Software

MS4web™ is a completely web-driven system that is now available as a powerful new approach for MS4 entities! Take advantage of the new web application for the perfect solution for larger municipalities who wish to simplify record management across the internet. 

MS4 Web™ brings the convenience of a fully web hosted database solution for Phase I & II MS4 operators. 

MS4web™ features include:
• Real time inspection record keeping 
• Tablet and smartphone compatible
• Third party data entry (i.e. consultants, construction contractors)
• Enhanced security settings with simple security profile establishment

• Save images directly into your MS4web™ database 
• Record GPS locations & map your outfall inventory, track and inspect construction sites, citizen's reports, facilities & more. Display your information on the ArcGIS map that is included with your license of MS4web™.

This means that ​field work can be completed using a laptop, tablet or even your smartphone!​

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Tracking data and activity is an integral part of any successful MS4 Program.  This MS4 software allows you to track all compliance data and activity. You can also manage all of your inspections while being able to produce reports and forms throughout the permit year.

​• GIS mapping is a great way to help you visually manage various aspects of your MS4 program.  MS4web comes with an ArcGIS application that allows you to map the information from your MS4web database and see your results geographically.

​• Compliance reporting and improving the results of your MS4 program year over year is the goal everyone is trying to achieve.  This MS4 tracking software allows you to generate multiple types of reports along with an annual report that is exportable so you can make the necessary adjustments to fit the particular needs of your program.

​• Dedicated support and service is a vital part of what CBI Systems provides along with their software to help make sure your MS4 program is successful.

​Call Today for pricing or for more information - 678-469-5120 

Annual Support Contract
• One year support is included with the initial licensing cost 
• Annual support includes support calls, all updates and version upgrades
​• Copy of hosting & services contract is available upon request 

Onsite One-Day Training Class
• Expense sharing amongst entities
​• Includes an MS4 Permit Manager™ user manual for up to 12 users
• Travel expense reimbursement may be required depending on the location.

MS4 Training & Consulting Solutions